How can I ignore an exception?

I have some exceptions (it says Swallowed Exceptions) which I caught in a try-catch block and really don't matter and I want to remove them so they don't show up any longer in my views and alerts.
Can I somehow suppress / hide them?

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    Hi Rick,

    that is really simple.

    When you hover on an event in your event list you see the following options:

    Click on the Trash icon which will delete the event from the event list and it will no longer appear going forward.

    If you did this by mistake and need to have the event appear again select the Trash View from the right pane and click on Deleted Events.


    It will show the events you have deleted and mark that event as "Resolved".  That option shows up when you hover of the event. 
    When the issue occurs again it will show up in your event list again.


    Hope that helps.

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