Collector unable to communicate with backend - "Can't reach TL" message in collector logs

Both in SAAS and On-Premise installation, after starting the Collector, there could be a scenario where the collector is unable to reach the backend.
If this is the case, this would be indicated by the below message in the nohup logs (pasted below)

ServiceConfig C: takipi.server.name = <CollectorName>
ServiceConfig C: jvmPath = <jvmpath>
ServiceConfig C: takipi.listen.port = 6060
ServiceConfig C: takipi.jvm.heap.size = 1G
ServiceConfig C: takipi.backend.url = <https://hostname:8080>
ServiceConfig C: takipi.storage.test.url = <https://hostname:8080/service/png>
Can't reach TL.
Can't reach TL.
Can't reach TL.
Can't reach TL.
Can't reach TL.
Can't reach TL.
Can't reach TL.
Can't reach TL.
Can't reach TL.
Can't reach TL.

This message is the result of the collector unable to reach the backend. Here are some troubleshooting tips.

1. The first thing to do is validate the collector.properties file.
Do we have the right backend URL? Do we have the right port?
2. Validate standard OverOps ports and backend URLs are accessible through the firewall
3. Is Https over 8080 is resolvable? Can you try the below command from the collector box
curl https://hostname:8080
4. To check if we have connectivity to the backend from the collector,
curl https://backend1.takipi.com
wget https://backend1.takipi.com

5. Validate the versions of JDK and OS - are they supported?
6. Stop and Start the collector in the foreground (instead of background)
To Stop the collector (rootless)
(Just kill the PID.)
pkill -f takipi-service
To Stop the collector (with sudo access)
sudo /opt/takipi/etc/takipi-stop

And finally to start the collector in foreground in verbose mode (this is in the /takipi/bin directory)
./takipi-service -nfd -l

Now monitor logs and validate output. Once the problem is solved, you can restart the collector in background mode.
You can validate the successful starting of the collector from the OverOps UI as well.

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