UI displays message in yellow - "Overops is not active" or "Overops is not installed" or "Not monitoring"

The UI message often indicates that the backend is not able to talk to the collector. The collector logs (present under /takipi/log directory) should provide some good information. But outside of that, here are a few tips and tricks.

  • Check if you have the right secret.key in the file installation.key present under the /takipi directory
  • Validate the collector.properties file for accuracy
  • Check for connectivity issues b/w the collector and backend.

                To check if we have connectivity from the collector,

  • For OnPrem installation, validate if https over 8080 is resolvable

                  curl https://<HostName>:8080

  • Finally, restarting the collector with the logs displaying in the console could help isolate issues. The command to do that is below

                  ./takipi-service -nfd -l

NOTE: In some cases, a proxy server is used to connect to the backend. In scenario's where the the proxy server down, you will see a message in the logs that say "Service is not connected".

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