How to purge data from an s3 bucket when using hybrid storage

OverOps has automated the purging of data form our hybrid storage if you setup the our storage server within your own data center, and use persistent storage on your own SAN.

However, if you use S3 buckets as your storage layer, you will need to use built in AWS tools to purge the data from your S3 bucket.  Here is a list of the folders that need to be purged within s3.  You will see folders with your own service ID's and folders within them.  The following can be purged at the interval of your own choosing.  By default, OverOps keeps data for 90 days in our SaaS application.

    • <service-id>/hits/HYB_HIT
    • <service-id>/cerebro/HYB_CER
    • <service-id>/overmind/HYB_OM
    • <service-id>/white-tiger/HYB_WTGR
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