Docker image contains Takipi. How to turn it off for developers but not Production?

Our docker base image contains takipi, and it is great that it runs while we use that image in production, but I want to prevent it from running when devs run the image on their setup. 
Is there a way to disable takipi selectively?
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    Hi Rick,

    there are several ways you could accomplish that:

    1. You can make sure the -agentlib:TakipiAgent is only added to the JVM arguments in your production environments.
    2. You can "dormant" a running agent by simply adding a file called dormant in your resource folder.  Typically path would be /opt/takipi/resources. See also here.
    3. You could deploy the license key only at runtime. So when running in Production the data is collected against your Production key. The local engineers get their own keys for their Dev environments.
    4. You could deploy remote Collectors vs. local Collectors and connect your Agents to the remote collectors. You can set the remote collector Host and Port for your Agents via environment variables so only production Agents reports into the production collector. For details you can look here.
     Hope this helps.

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