Automate CI/CD quality gates with OverOps and Jenkins

Many of our customers already use OverOps as part of their continuous delivery pipeline.  By checking with OverOps for new errors after building and testing, Quality and reliability engineers can gain insight into any new errors that have been introduced by the build and determine if the build should be promoted.  

But did you know this step can be automated? 

A Jenkins post build plugin is now available for querying the OverOps api after testing to determine if the current build has introduced new errors or exceptions.  If  error counts exceed the expected threshold, the build can be marked unstable to prevent promotion.   

1)  Install the OverOps plugin from the Jenkins Update Manager https://plugins.jenkins.io/overops-query 

2)  The jenkins build number should be included in the deployment manifest as described here https://doc.overops.com/docs/naming-your-application-server-deployment#section-naming-the-deployment

3)  Run automated and manual test suites and ensure full unit and functional test coverage.

4)  Run OverOps query using the plugin as the final post build step.  

For more info, watch the video! https://www.overops.com/integrations/jenkins

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    This is awesome!   But what if we're not using Jenkins?  How can we do this with Bamboo?   

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    From your bamboo job, you will need to configure a task to query the OverOps Rest API in a similar way.   Our API is well documented here:


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