Running JVMs as different users

We have several JVMs running in the same VM. Each JVM runs as a different user which does not necessarily have access to the resources error. 

We see the error in the  log when we start up the JVM:

[1529716381453] Using default config file: /opt/takipi/takipi.properties
[1529716381453] Error resources dir, Unable to write to any of the following locations: /opt/takipi/resources /opt/takipi/resourcese following locations: /opt/takipi/resources

How can we resolve this without making the resource directory permission world writable. 

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    Hello Trey,
    It is not necessary to set the resources folder world writeable. 

    You can set to the resources folder to a different writable folder for each jvm user by adding the following JVM  argument to each JVM startup:




    Default is <Takipi_Install_Directory>/resources. Used for scenarios where different OS users are running different JVMs in the same machine. For the microagent, there will be a conflict of permissions under the Takipi resources folder. Permissions conflicts often result in applications not showing up as being monitored in the UI. Use this parameter so that each user/JVM/agent writes to its own folder and avoids the conflict of permissions.

    The same configuration can be passed via TAKIPI_RESOURCES_FOLDER environment variable.

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