Need help understanding how to use the REST API

I took a stab at the rest api. It seems like I’m able to contact it, but I’m running into an error pretty immediately.

I'm trying to get a list of services using https://api.overops.com/api/v1/services. I’m certain the credentials are right since I get a “Not Authenticated” if I pass in the wrong value or the wrong key.

The issue I’m having is I’m not able to find any resources online for this error to figure out what I may be doing wrong.

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    Chaz DaviesToday at 15:14Pending approval

    Hi Chaz,

    Theres a few questions nested in here, so let me try to address each.

    First, OverOps REST API documentation can be found here: https://api-docs.overops.com/

    Second, it seems like you are using a partial URL. The correct format includes the use of your "ServiceID", and the API service call. For example:

    https://api.overops.com/api/v1/services/<your service ID>/views

    Where you include your own Service ID found at the top of your dashboard. In this example, "views" is one of our API services.

    Last, you are trying to get a list of services; a natural idea. Unfortunately, we did a poor job of highlighting in "BOLD" that this service isn't completely implemented yet. It will soon. It is simply a situation of our documentation getting a jump on engineering! Please check back with us soon!


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