Generating an API Token

We need to pass an api token for credentials when requesting data from and posting to OverOps via the API?  How do I generate an api token?

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    An api token can be generated from your account in OverOps. 


    To generate a token:

    1. From the OverOps dashboard, go to Settings -> Account
    2. In the API Token section, click the link Generate.  A new token will appear. These can be regenerated whenever you wish.


    Below is a sample curl request with the api token, to get a list of OverOps views.


    curl -X GET \
    https://api.overops.com/api/v1/services/<serviceID-goes-here>/views \
    -H 'X-API-KEY: <put overops api token here> '


    For a list of available APIs, check out https://api-docs.overops.com/.

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