VM Sizing for Remote Collectors

When setting up a remote collector VM or instance, what specs should I use for that machine or container?

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    In general, each collector that is running needs at least 4GB of RAM,  2 CPU's and 100GB of disk space.

    You can run multiple collectors on a VM, but each would use a different port to communicate with N number of Agents.  Keep in mind that a collector will only have one key for each collector, but it can collect data from dozens of separate agents.  This architecture insures that CPU intensive activities such as data redaction and code fingerprinting happen away from you application and the OverOps agent that is monitoring your application.

    So, if you were to run a VM , amazon instance, or container that would contain 2 collectors, the recommendation would be.

    10 GB of RAM (8GB for the collectors and 2 GB for the Operating System
    4 CPU's
    250 GB disk (200GB for collectors, and 50 GB for the Operating System)



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