ClassNotFound Exception during startup after attaching OverOps

After I installed OverOps and attached the agent, I started getting a ClassNotFound exception during startup of my application. It seems like it might be related to the OSGi Java framework. Do you support this?

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    Hi Jean-Ralphio,

    The OverOps agent is framework independent, and should be able to run in almost any setup. OSGi is supported, and the reason for your ClassNotFound exception is likely due to OSGi attempting to inspect OverOps agent code. 

    To resolve, add the OverOps package com.sparktale.* in your OSGi properties file.

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    That removed the exception for me, thank you.

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    I found similar conditions exists when using OverOps with COTS applications that are built on a standard application server like Tomcat or Glassfish.  Often these application whitelist their libraries for security reasons or to prevent conflicts as they dont expert any external application libraries.  Adding com.sparktale.* to these whitelists could resolved this.

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