What events will OverOps detect?

What are the kind of events that OverOps will detect about my application?

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    OverOps detects all errors that are logged, and exceptions that are thrown by the JVM.  Here is a list and description of the events OverOps will detect:

    Caught Exception Exceptions that were captured and dealt with by the user’s application
    Uncaught Exception Exceptions that were not captured by the user’s application
    Swallowed Exception Exceptions that were captured but ignored by the user’s application
    Log Error Events logged as Errors in the user’s applications
    Log Warning Events logged as Warnings in the user’s applications
    HTTP Error HTTP communication errors
    Timer Events that exceeded thresholds configured under Timers
    Custom Event Events that occur in the custom SDK


    Note: Log4j2 allows for custom log levels and names, however, OverOps reports on levels <= 300.

    To see the various kind of events captured by OverOps, from the OverOps dashboard All Events view, you can see all the events detected by OverOps for a defined time frame.  A user can filter these from the event view by type, by clicking the small filter icon within the Type column. 

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