OverOps event grouping, why do notes apply to all?

I tried to add a note to one of exceptions inside the group. But the changes were reflected to all other exceptions in the same group. That is confusing. The exceptions below belong to different applications, with different call stacks.


How does OverOps group together and copy notes to all of them?
How can we manage exceptions under the same group? They come from different applications.

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    Hi Jean-Ralphio,

    Just a little background on how the error groups work

    Unique errors are listed in the dashboard as shown here. If there is more than one stack trace or "Entry Point" that results in that same error, you will see a next to the error.

    Selecting the will show all of the different entry points that result in the same error. 

    In your example, you added a note to the "Parent" error, and then noticed that the "child" errors all had the same note. It sounds like you didn't want this to happen as many of the child errors only occur on specific servers and will have different notes.

    Note copying from parent to child errors only occur when the child notes are blank. If any of the child notes are filled in when you add the parent note, the child notes will hold their original values, and only the blank child notes will get a copy of the parent note. 


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