Where are the OverOps agent and collector log files?

To help troubleshoot installation or connection issues with the OverOps agent, what are the proper log files to investigate? There are several within the OverOps installation directory (/log).  

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    In the event the OverOps installation fails, check the collector log file within /Takipi/log/ called bugtale_service.log. In here you can see if services are registering and connecting successfully.

    Logs for the agent are located in /Takipi/log/agents.  The active log is called bugtale_agent.<pid>.log. Review this log in the event the agent is unable to attach to the JVM.

    You will likely find many logs in this directory with the *.dead extension.  These logs are a result of previous runs of the agent, and you might need these for historical reference and comparison.

    Note when using a remote collector, the default agent log is written to the collector agents folder. To write the agent logs to the same machine it runs on, start the agent with -Dtakipi.logfile=<path/to/file.log>.  This may be helpful if there are communication issues between the agent and the remote collector.

    It's also worth mentioning, these logs can be quite useful when working with the OverOps support team.  You might consider zipping them up and attaching them to any new support tickets.

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