Why can I only set one JVM Path in takipi.properties?

In the takipi.properties file I can only set one JVM Path. I have multiple java versions for multiple apps on a single host so I need to have the agent work with all of them. Do I need to have multiple OverOps agent installations? What do you recommend?

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    Hi Jean-Ralphio,

    The JVM path in the takipi.properties is only used for the local collector process, and is not used by the agents. One installation of OverOps can handle multiple java version because the agents will auto-detect the version of the JVM they are attaching to.

    If using a local collector, choose any one of your installed JVMs, as long as it is a supported version, and all agents will be able to use the collector. If you are using a remote collector then no local colletor will run and the JVM path will not pose any issues.

    Update (July 7, 2018):
    As of a recent update, the takipi.properties file has been split into agent.properties and collector.properties to make it more clear where the properties map to. The agents and collectors are backwards compatible with takipi.properties.

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