Strict Network Rules Blocking Agent Traffic, How do I workaround?

Hi There,

I recently installed OverOps and I noticed an increase in rejected requests between my services. I did some digging, and noticed that requests with the header X-Takipi-SN were getting dropped.

My data center has fairly strict network rules, and I don't want to make a request to get this added yet. Do you have a workaround?

Thank you!

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    Hi Jean-Ralphio,

    We add the X-Takipi-SN header in order to stitch together errors and events that occur during synchronous calls between multiple JVMs.

    You can disable this header from appearing in these requests by adding this to your JVM options where you added -agentlib:TakipiAgent.

    Keep in mind that the synchronous call event stitching feature will be disabled.


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