Single Point of Failure with Collector?


I was just reading your remote collector guide. I appreciate the flexibility this allows, but it seems like it creates a single point of failure for all of my agents. 

I saw mention of setting multiple collectors for an agent

But that would mean I would have to change every agents properties if I wanted to add another collector to the list, or change one of them, etc. 

Any recommendations?

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    Hi Jean-Ralphio,

    The masterEndpoints is included in the properties for any situation where you may want to control endpoints on an agent by agent basis. It is possible, and recommended, to use load balancers to facilitate agent to collector connections.

    All collectors are stateless, so agent and collector connections can be changed at any point in time without concern for data loss. Agents and collectors also store snapshots temporarily in the event of a connection loss, and will resubmit when the connection resumes or a new connection is made.

    We have two guides available that walk you through how to set this up:
    Cloud Example using AWS ELB 
    On-premise Example using NGINX 

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