Naming your applications and deployment versions

When using OverOps to track you application errors, it is important to name your applications as well as deployment versions. This is important for several reasons.

  • If you have multiple applications, naming the application will help you quickly identify which application the error came from. It will also help you aggregate error counts by application
  • As you deploy new releases, naming the deployment version is critical. You will want to know what version of the application the error was introduce in as well as know how many errors occurred in each of versions. 
  • The metrics OverOps collects can be used to get a better view of errors by application and deployment version so you can compare version over version to know if your code quality is improving.
  • CI/CD gate. Knowing when to promote code can be challenging. If you name your applications and deployment versions, OverOps provides the data to tell you how many errors and more importantly, how many new errors are in a specific deployment version.

Here is a link to the guide that describes how to name your applications and deployments, https://doc.overops.com/docs/naming-your-application-server-deployment


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