Is it possible to turn the OverOps agent off while the JVM is running?

In the event the development team is trouble-shooting an application performance issue or has other reasons to stop the monitoring from OverOps agent, is possible to turn the OverOps agent off dynamically while the application is running so that it no longer is monitoring the JVM?

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    There is a way to turn off the OverOps agent dynamically while the JVM is running. 

    To make the OverOps agent dormant:

    1. Place a file called dormant into the agent’s resources folder (/Takipi/resources/).
    2. The agent will scan the new file, and move to a dormant/hibernate state.

    To reverse the dormant state, and begin monitoring the JVM again:

    1. Remove the dormant file from the agent resources folder
    2. Restart the JVM with the OverOps JVM startup argument ( e.g. -agentlib:TakipiAgent)

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