Why are there no tiny links for exceptions that were thrown in our application logs?

In our application logs, the OverOps tiny links have been injected for events that are logged.  However there are no links in the logs for any of the exceptions that were thrown.  How can we inject the exception links to the application logs?

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    For versions 4.9.0 and higher, the inclusion of tiny links for exceptions is an opt-in capability.  

    This feature can be turned on from the OverOps UI, and is an installation key setting. This can be enabled only by administrators and key owners.

    To enable exception links within the application logs:

    1. In the OverOps UI, go to Settings -> Installation Keys

    2. The key settings can be viewed by expanding the blue plus symbol next to the key (+).  Check the box for Enable log links for exceptions.

    3. To activate the injection of exception links into the application logs, the JVM must be restarted with the appropriate JVM startup argument (e.g. -agentlib:TakipiAgent).

    Considerations: For applications that rely on exception.getMessage logic for for exception-handling, the injection of the exception log link could cause the logic to fail if the application code is attempting to parse the exception message.  This is not a typical use case, but understand whether this method of error-handling is used before enabling the exception links to avoid this risk.

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