Can you prevent 2 or more developers creating duplicate JIRAs?

If developers are clicking the button to open a Jira issue for an Error, is there a way to prevent 2 or more developers hitting the button and creating duplicate Issues in Jira? Is there any way to see whether a Jira has already been opened?

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    Once a JIRA ticket was issued a Label for JIRA is automatically added (see screenshot below), also the "Send to Jira" button label changed to "View Jira issue".

    This is visible to all users.

    Going forward you can't submit another JIRA. It will show you that a JIRA was already submitted and provides you the details including direct link to the JIRA via the "View Button" at the bottom right.

    Depending how you have JIRA enabled the particular user might get Jira integration is not active...
    It will still show you the link to Jira.

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