4.54 was released and is available for installation Follow

Version 4.54 was released on Oct 29th.

The following are the notable changes to the product. For all the details, please see our documentation.

Java Micro-Agent

  • Fixed an issue with memory release (related specifically to J9)
  • Fixed an issue with broken tiny links which were missing a prefix (Relevant for Java 8) in specific cases by using a default tiny link prefix (“http://tkp.to/”) until the agent is able to load the new settings


  • Added a new database auto-maintenance job for Oracle DB to help keep the integrity of our database, our indexes intact, and their performance-optimized (for more information on configuration see here)


  • New source attach options for GitHub and GitLab are now available - this feature allows us now to connect the source code seen in the ARC screen to the real source code from GitHub and GitLab
  • Added new “Git Blame” functionality to our ARC screens - when used with our new source attach options, the source code will be annotated with commit details to help route the issue to the most appropriate person to resolve it: