Version 4.49 was released and is available for installation Follow

Version 4.49 was released on March 18th, 2020. The following are the notable changes to the product. For all the details, please see our documentation.

Java Micro-Agent

  • Added an API command option to disable a specific OverOps Micro-Agent. Note that this option is currently supported only for the Java Micro-Agent. This capability is currently not supported on the Java 10, 11, and J9 Micro-Agent.
  • Bug fixes, including:
    • Prevent Micro-Agents from getting into a corrupted state with the Collector so that the agent doesn’t restart the connection with the Collector, but the Collector closes the connection

.NET Micro-Agent

  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • Fixed issues with unsigned values recording
  • Added a new decompiler version for fixing highlighting issues


  • Optimized the handling of environments: Improved our data model of Views to support environments that have a large number of Views
  • Optimized the class loading and the class processing time
  • Optimized our dashboards’ cache loading
  • Bug fixes: Fixed an issue in the Collector logs
  • Bug fixes for the On-Premises admin-cli 'install_token' command:
    • Added validation message to user when no default environment is set
    • Ignoring casing for service ID parameters

ARC Screen

  • With this release, we’ve added support for an alternative decompiler usage (CFR decompiler) when running in “decompiled sources plus mode”.
  • When the Micro-Agent has attached sources or the user attaches the sources manually (after decompilation), we’ve implemented the following changes in the ARC screen:
    • If there are attached sources - the decompiler information is not shown
    • If the decompiler information is missing for any reason - will show “Unknown” in the decompiler field