Version 4.43 Release Notes and Performance improvements and Data Redaction Follow

Version 4.43 was released on September 4th, 2019. The following are the notable changes to the product. For all the details, please see our documentation.

  • Performance improvements in Java 10 and 11
  • Added the option to redact identifiers in maps. 

    Applying Code Identifiers Redaction Settings to Maps

    Maps are a type of variable are comprised of a list of values - a key and a value (name: john doe). From version 4.43 and on, the Data Redaction feature enables you apply code identifiers redaction settings to maps, which allows you to redact map values associated with keys that match the redacted identifier, e.g., map.put(“ssn”, “123-45-6789") will redact ssn.

    When you define an identifier (above), the following values will be redacted:

    • Variables with matching names
    • Map keys with matching names

    Please refer to the Managing Data Redaction article for additional details.