Collector does not start --> Takipi service error - std::bad_alloc Follow

Problem Description:

Our collector does not start.

The log files show

 ERROR s.afa} [Native] Takipi service error - std::bad_alloc


  • SaaS Collector: all versions
  • Hybrid Collector: all versions
  • On-Premise Collector: all versions



  1. Disk space
    Validate that there is enough disk-space available on that Server / VM.
    Per our Hardware requirements you need to allocate 50GB per monitored application.

  2. Available / Allocated Memory
    Validate the amount of memory allocated to your server / vm and then check the memory allocated to the collector in the  

    --> takipi.jvm.heap.size

  3. No log is written
    When no log is written run the collector from the command line 
    ./takipi-service -nfd -l
    and review the message written to the terminal.



Initial server / VM setup was not done per specs and software requirements.