Best-Practice - Enabling Tiny Link (ETL) Follow

What is it?  

A tiny link is a short URL that will direct users to the exact event within the OverOps Automated Root Cause screen.

[2019-03-20 14:10:30 TAKIPI] New IndexOutOfBoundsException detected.[ ]
java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Throwing a test exception: IndexOutOfBoundsException [ ]        
        at Main.Main.Throwing(
        at Main.Main.main(


Why use it?  

Turning on ETL is a setting so you get tiny links inserted into the actual exception. If you don’t do this, the tiny link may not be in your logs or attached to the exception.


How to enable?

  • Via command line when attaching the Micro-Agent to the application -Dtakipi.etl 
  • Through the UI: Go to the Settings dashboard, select General Settings > Advanced  (requires version 4.9.0 or above). You'll need to be an admin or key owner to enable tiny links. See for a comprehensive discussion on using Exception Tiny Links in your system.

You may also want to look up this article for additional details.


  • Will enable links within APM tools like Dynatrace, AppD, Splunk, Etc.


  • If you are parsing the exception object, Tiny Links could cause you issues
  • If you are using JSON exceptions, Tiny Links will cause it to fail due to malformed JSON