What are the IP addresses for the OverOps Backend Follow


I need to know the IP addresses used for the https://backend.takipi.com domain to configure our firewall accordingly.



https://backend.takipi.com as well as https://api.takipi.com and https://app.takipi.com (respectively https://app.overops.com etc.) are running on AWS ELBs.

AWS ELB assigns IP addresses dynamically.

Essentially you cannot hardcode / whitelist a specific IP address as they are dynamically changing and are controlled by AWS.


Amazon provides a list of all the IP-Addresses it uses and can be downloaded from 


At time of writing all takipi/overops domains are assigned to Region US-EAST-1


On Amazons website more details can be found including sample scripts how to extract IP Addresses from the JSON file to potentially automatically update your firewall rules.


For details around port requirements and domains please see our Software and Hardware Requirements documentation.


If you are not able to whitelist AWS IP Addresses please contact OverOps support.