Not all events for an exception were captured in a snapshot Follow

Problem Description:

For a specific exception we were not able to find a snapshot within a specific timeframe. There are snapshots available prior to that and afterwards.


SaaS: all versions
Hybrid: all versions
On-Premise: all versions


This is expected behavior!


Manually ask the system to take a snapshot the next time an exception occurs for this unique code event by clicking on the "Force Snapshot Icon"



This is expected behavior.  

The system does not take a snapshot for every exception that occurs for a unique code event. The system does record all unique code events from every JVM attached from a statistical standpoint but Snapshots are taking as a "generic rule of thumb" as described below:

New unique code event

Two (2) Snapshots are taken within the first hour

Existing unique code events

One (1) Snapshot is taken every 24 hours if an exception occurs for this unique code event.


You might see more snapshots as described above as the algorithm is more complex and more variables are influencing how many snapshots are taken.