JVM Crash - Jenkins - JUnit Tests - Surfire Plugin Follow


Problem Description:

Running OverOps during Jenkins automated JUnit testing with Surfire Plugin is causing the JVM to crash.


Surefire Plugin lower than 2.22.1

OverOps 4.x.x



Upgrade Surefire Plugin to Version 2.22.1 or higher 



Surefire plugin 2.19.1 for maven has a scheme where JVMs spawns to run tests will spontaneously exit after 20 seconds unless they have some contact from the main JVM. The main JVM is meant to send a “no op” every 10 seconds. Some tests might run so slowly that the "no op" does not happen. In version 2.22.1 of the same plugin the whole mechanism has been re-designed – the child JVM checks whether the parent is still going vs. relying on the "no op".

Be aware that the plugin will still fall back to the old behaviour if unable to query the status of the parent process.

Some additional information can be found here -->   https://maven.apache.org/ surefire/maven-surefire- plugin/examples/shutdown.html