Hybrid Installation

OverOps is a tool to identify and locate code failure in production. It allows tracing errors across the source code, determine the variables state, and debug level log statements for any error across the entire call stack. OverOps can be installed in SaaS, Hybrid, or full On-premises environments, this document deals with the hybrid deployment.

In an OverOps Hybrid deployment, the source code and variable state data are stored locally while the statistic analysis is hosted in the cloud. The OverOps central analysis engine is used to aggregate metrics and correlate events between JVMs in the environment. The local Storage Server does not connect to or get accessed from the cloud and can be completely separate from the public Internet.

Storage of sensitive information only within a local network allows for compliance with data residency regulations. During error analysis, information is retrieved by the user browser directly from the local Storage Server. 


To download the complete Hybrid Installation Guide:

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