Mule ESB 3.X or later uses the Tanuki configuration environment. To specify JVM arguments in your Mule ESB environment, you need to configure them as additional parameters to the Tanuki Java Service Wrapper configuration file, wrapper.conf, as described below. 

To launch JVM with Mule:

  1. Open the configuration file (<MULE_HOME>/conf/wrapper.conf).
  2. Find the location indicated for Java Additional Parameters:

    # Java Additional Parameters

  3. Add -agentlib:TakipiAgent argument using a parameter.
  4. Start the application to monitor.
  5. Test the installation: From the OverOps web application dashboard, click Add Server. From the dialog box, click Next and then click Test Installation.

    When the connection is established, the JVM status is 'Monitoring'.

  6. Test that your application throws exceptions.
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