Windows Installation


This article describes how to install OverOps on a Window 7+ Windows Server 2008+.

Note: OverOps requires 64-bit Windows and a 64-bit Java installation.

To install OverOps on Windows:

  1. Click here, to download and run the OverOps installer.
  2. In the installer, enter your installation key, provided by OverOps.
    If your server is running behind a proxy server, enter its IP address. 
  3. Connect OverOps to your JVM.

To test the OverOps installation:

  1. From the OverOps web application dashboard, click Add Server. From the dialog box, click Next and then click Test Installation.

    When the connection is established, the JVM status is 'Monitoring'.

  2. Test that your application throws exceptions.



In some cases, a “Could not find agent library TakipiAgent on the library path,” message may appear. In this case, re-login to Windows.


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