On-Premises Installation

This article is designed to assist in the preparation and installation of the OverOps installation on customer premises. This deployment provides companies with all the OverOps functionalities within their internal environment.



Installation Process

 - Server Installation

 - Server Upgrade

 - Remote Collector Installation



Hardware Requirements

The On-Premises installation requires the following hardware attributes:

  • CPU: modern 8 Core
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Storage: 200 GB

Software Requirements

Modern Linux (minimum kernel: 3.10).

  1. Docker binaries:
  2. Root user access.
  3. Two HTTP ports open (default: 8080, 9090).
  4. An extra TCP port open for a Remote Collector (default: 6060).

Note: Production requires a more robust Docker configuration. Choose an optimal Docker configuration for the Linux and the environment workloads. See recommendations from the Docker blog here

Storage Requirements

  1. Docker working folder: /var/lib/docker: with at least 10 GB of free disk space.
  2. OverOps server is installed under /opt/takipi-server: at least 200 GB of free disk space.


Installation Process

Server Installation

To install the On-Premises server:

  1. Login as a root/sudo user
  2. Download the latest OverOps server tarball: takipi-server-latest.tar.gz.
  3. Extract files to: 
    tar zxvf <PATH_TO DOWNLOADS>/takipi-server-latest.tar.gz
  4. Run Setup:
    /opt/takipi-server/bin/takipi-server.sh start -u <HOSTNAME>
  5. Activate OverOps - send the license ID to OverOps to receive your license key.
    • Browse to: http://<HOSTNAME>:8080/activate
    • Follow the Wizard and enter the license key provided by OverOps.
  6. Sign up for OverOps to generate an agent installation key.
    • Browse to: http://<HOSTNAME>:8080/?signup
  7. Create an agent installation script by replacing the <HOSTNAME> and <AGENT_INSTALLATION_KEY> placeholders:
    wget -O - -o /dev/null "http://<HOSTNAME>:8080/app/download?t=inst" | bash /dev/stdin -i --sk=<AGENT_INSTALLATION_KEY> --s3_url http://<HOSTNAME>:8080/service/png --installer_url "http://<HOSTNAME>:8080/app/download?t=tgz" --base_url http://<HOSTNAME>:8080
    The one-liner can be found in the web application under Add Servers.

Server Upgrade

To upgrade the server:

  1. Download the latest OverOps server tarball: takipi-server-latest.tar.gz.
  2. As user root, run upgrade: 
    /opt/takipi-server/bin/takipi-upgrade.sh <PATH_TO_NEW_TARBALL>

Remote Collector Installation

The Remote Collector listens on a TCP port provided with the --listen_on_port=<PORT_TO_LISTEN-ON> parameter.

To install a Remote Collector:

  1. Add the --listen_on_port=<PORT_TO_LISTEN-ON> parameter to the one-liner to install the client as a remote collector. Verify that the hostname is resolvable the location of the OverOps agents (the application server, the JVMs):
    wget -O - -o /dev/null "http://<HOSTNAME>:8080/app/download?t=inst" | bash /dev/stdin -i --sk=<AGENT_INSTALLATION_KEY> --s3_url http://<HOSTNAME>:8080/service/png --installer_url "http://<HOSTNAME>:8080/app/download?t=tgz" --base_url http://<HOSTNAME>:8080 --listen_on_port=<PORT_TO_LISTEN-ON>
  2. To install the Agent and pair it with a Remote Collector, add the following parameters to the one-liner from above:
    wget -O - -o /dev/null "http://<SERVER_HOSTNAME>:8080/app/download?t=inst" | bash /dev/stdin -i --sk=<AGENT_INSTALLATION_KEY> --s3_url http://<SERVER_HOSTNAME>:8080/service/png --installer_url "http://<SERVER_HOSTNAME>:8080/app/download?t=tgz" --base_url http://<SERVER_HOSTNAME>:8080--daemon_host=<REMOTE_COLLECTOR_HOSTNAME> --daemon_port=<REMOTE_COLLECTOR_PORT>
  3. Add the following OverOps agent argument to the JVMs: -agentlib:TakipiAgent

For more information about OverOps Remote Collector, click here.

To download the comprehensive On-Premises Installation Guide, click here.

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