Installing OverOps on Multiple Servers



Manual Installation

Automatic Installation

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In order to add multiple servers to your dashboard, you need to install the OverOps daemon on each of the additional servers. This can be executed manually for each server, or using an automated tool such as Chef or Puppet.


Manual installation:

In your OverOps dashboard, click on the  link at the top of your screen. This will initiate an installation wizard which will walk you through the steps.

The installation process for additional servers is identical to the initial installation you performed for your first server. For more technical details on the installation itself please refer to our installation guide.


Automated installation:

In order to install OverOps using Chef or Puppet, you will need to have your secret key accessible and add it to the installation script (the key was sent to you when you first registered to OverOps). Once the installation is completed, all the servers will be added to your dashboard under the same key.

For more technical details on how to install using Chef or Puppet please refer to the following links:




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