Uninstalling OverOps


Disabling OverOps

 - Restarting the OverOps Collector

 - Disabling Automatic Attach Feature

Uninstalling OverOps


Disabling OverOps

Restarting the OverOps Collector

To stop or restart the OverOps Collector On Windows:

  • Run services.msc and start/stop TakipiService.

To stop or restart the OverOps Collector on Linux OS:

  1. Stop OverOps:
    sudo /opt/takipi/etc/takipi-stop
  2. Start OverOps:
    sudo /opt/takipi/etc/takipi-start

To stop or restart the OverOps Collector on MacOS:

  1. Stop OverOps:
    sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.takipi.service.plist
  2. Start OverOps:

    sudo launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.takipi.service.plist

Disabling automatic attach of OverOps agent (“Picked up JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS”)

OverOps automatically connects to all running JVMs on Linux machines. To manually select JVMs to monitor, disable automatic attach feature.

To disable automatic attach feature:

  • From the terminal, run:

When auto attach feature is disabled, to monitor process on a machine, connect it manually.

Uninstalling OverOps

To remove OverOps from a Linux machine: 

  • From the shell, run:
    sudo /opt/takipi/etc/uninstall

To uninstall on Windows:

  • From Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs, right-click OverOps and select Uninstall.

To uninstall OverOps from MacOS:

  • From your terminal, run:
    sudo /Library/Takipi/etc/uninstall.sh


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