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Account Settings

Account Info





From Account Settings, OverOps enables managing user accounts, including changing password, upgrading subscription and updating billing information.


Account Settings

To view account settings:

  1. From the OverOps Dashboard, click Settings and select Account.

    Settings menu

    The Account Settings dialog box opens.

    Account Settings dialog box

    The Account Settings comprises three tabs: Account info, Plan, and Billing. Each tab is summarized.
  2. Click the tab to view or edit it.
    Note: Only owners are authorized to modify Plan or Billing information.



Account Information

From the Account tab, update your personal details and change your password.

To change account information:

  1. From the Account tab, click Edit and make necessary changes.

    Editing Account info
  2. When finished, click Save Changes



From the Plan tab, update your OverOps subscription plan. You can change the number of servers or the type of plan.

If you have a trial version and you can sign up for a Pro plan. Note: Billing will start only when your trial has ended.


Plan tab


The cost of the selected plan with the number of servers and type of plan is displayed, with a brief description of the plan.

When finished, click Upgrade.



The Billing tab enables you to update payment method. It displays the current plan, the credit card (if provided), and provides the fields for adding a new credit card. When finished, click Submit.


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