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Adding or Removing Teammates

Teammate vs. Admin Privileges

The Share with Teammates Button

Tagging Teammates

Updating a Note

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We rarely work alone. Whether handing an error over to a teammate, notifying a team lead, or just getting another pair of eyes involved, sometimes you want to share an error analysis with your teammates. OverOps makes it simple to share errors with teammates, and grant or revoke access to your dashboard for as many people as you would like.


Adding or Removing Teammates

You can invite an unlimited number of teammates to view errors and exceptions for your monitored server (or group of servers), allowing each of them to have their own personal view and filter for items relevant to them. To add a teammate, click on the  button at the top of your screen, enter the teammate’s email address, and click “Add” to send this person an email invitation to join your OverOps deployment. After clicking "Add" select the level of permissions for the teammate, admin or member, this requires admin or owner privileges. This can be changed anytime.

The Team Settings window

Once an invitee accepts an invitation (by clicking on the link in the email sent to them), they will be prompted to register and create an account with OverOps, which will enable them to access your analysis information.

Teammates that were invited, but have not yet created an account, will have a “waiting for confirmation” message next to their name in the Team Settings window. Deleting a name from the list of teammates will disable the user’s access to the servers associated with that account (or with that specific key if you use multiple keys).

Please note that an invitation is associated with the secret key used at the time the teammate was added. When managing multiple environments, you can use multiple keys to control which servers are accessible for each user by using a secret key for each group of servers (for example: production servers, development, QA, etc). If you’d like to allow a user to have access to multiple environments you will need to invite this user separately for each key.


Members vs Admins vs Owner Privileges

Once a teammate has been added, they gain permissions to use OverOps much in the same way that the admin does. Members can install and add new servers to the list of monitored servers, view error and exception analyses, add labels, hide and resolve errors, submit JIRA issues, create their own private filters, share errors with other teammates, and add additional teammates.

Certain privileges are reserved for the admins and owner only however. These include the ability to edit security settings and account settings, and revoke access for teammates.

Owner is the only role that can control the plan and billing options.


The Share with Teammates Button

Every error in OverOps is shareable. You can write a note, share them with teammates (or just yourself), and assign the error to your peers. The notes you write are attached to the specific error in your OverOps dashboard. There are two ways to add notes and share with your teammates: One way is to click on the error in your dashboard, then on the Share icon located on the upper left side box. The second way is to add the Notes column to your dashboard, then click on the Share button next to the error you want to share.


The Share button

Either of these methods will open the share screen, where you can enter your text and/or tag a teammate. Once you’re done writing, save the note so that everyone will be able to see it. The note will be attached to the specific error and will be visible to your team.

Writing a note and sharing it with a teammate.


Tagging Teammates

Once you’ve written a new note, everyone in your team will be able to see it on their dashboard. However, if you want to share the note with specific teammates, you can tag them and they’ll receive an email notification. For example, you can ask a teammate to take a look at an error and you’ll get an email notification once they solve it or reply to your note.

Tag teammates on the share screen itself by entering their names or their email addresses in the “Tag people” box.


You can also use this screen to invite new teammates to OverOps in order to view an error. Once you enter the email address, OverOps will recognize they’re not registered yet and offer to add them to your team. Click “Yes”, then “Save” and you’re done!


Updating a Note

If a teammate shared an error with you and you want to comment on it, you can edit the note. To do so, open the shared note from the dashboard and click on the “edit” button on the top right side of the screen. Write your comment and save your changes, and the people tagged in the note will be notified of your comments. All team members tagged in a note (including its creator) will receive a notification when the note is updated.


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