Creating a New Label

Labeling Errors

Filtering by Labels

Deleting Labels

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Labels are tools to organize, track and filter events in your production application. OverOps enables grouping events by tagging them with custom labels. You can mark them according to importance, the responsible team member, the area in the code, or any other category that suits your workflow. Once you create a label, your team members can use it to tag events themselves.

Note: You can only filter events according to one label at a time.

Creating a New Label

To create a new label:

  1. From between the Dashboard and the graph, click Label.
  2. Select Create New from the drop-down, then type in the label name.

The new label is added to the list of labels.


Creating labels


Labeling and Un-labeling Events

To apply a label to an event:

  1. Select the items to label and open the Label drop-down menu.
  2. Check the box for the label(s) you want and click Apply


Labeling errors

To remove a label from an event:

  1. From the grid, select the label and open the Labels menu.
  2. Uncheck the applied label and click Apply.

Filtering by Labels

Like the pre-set filters in OverOps, labels provide another way to group and sort your errors. The left side menu bar shows you all the labels that you've created. Once your labels are in place you can view all the errors that you’ve added to them by clicking on the label you want on your left side menu bar. The dashboard will show you all the errors that have that label, exactly where errors with that label are classified (Inbox, Hide, or Resolved), and any other labels they may have.

Viewing errors you’ve labeled


Deleting Labels

Deleting a label will remove the label you deleted from all the items it’s applied to and will delete the label itself.

To delete a label:

  1. From the Label drop-down menu, click the Label drop-down menu and select Manage labels.
  2. Click the x next to the label to remove.


Deleting a label from the Label drop-down menu


  1. To remove a particular from the left side menu bar, press the x next to the label to delete.

Deleting a label


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