OverOps Glossary

Micro-agent - This is the piece of code installed alongside users' servers and monitors their applications.


Collector - The endpoint to which micro-agents report to. It can be on the same machine as some of the agents or on a different one.


Remote-collector - Just like a collector, but when it's on a remote machine, it is called remote-collector.


On-Premise - An on-premise installation is an installation of OverOps’ entire infrastructure in your environment. This is designed for customers with strict security needs.


Hybrid - Hybrid installation offers an additional layer of security to the SaaS deployment by allowing storage of sensitive information in your own environment and servers.


Installation key - An installation key is both a unique identifier and means for encrypting your data so that only you and individuals you pass the installation key to can access your data. It is in the form `S1234#f123df23r=Bvd#efke=`.


Dashboard - The main screen that shows an overview of the events that occurred in your monitored applications.


Analysis screen - A screen that focuses on a single event, including frames and variable values that led to a specific error, as well as the distribution of that error over time.


Event (snapshot) - An event that OverOps captured, displayed on the dashboard and analysis screen. OverOps will record information from events like: exceptions, log errors / warnings, HTTP errors etc.

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