OverOps Glossary

Agent (Micro-agent) - The component installed alongside a JVM which monitors the customer applications.


Collector - The endpoint to which Agents report. The Collector can be installed on the same machine as an Agent or a remotely on a separate machine.


Remote Collector - A Collector installed on a remote machine, separate from the Agent.


SaaS DeploymentA Software-as-a Service deployment option where only a Agent and Collector components are installed. All other components are administrated by OverOps as a service.


Hybrid Deployment - A extension to the SaaS deployment option designed to address data locality concerns where a Storage Server is installed behind your company Firewall. With a Hybrid deployment, both source code and variable state data are physically stored and managed by you offering an additional layer of security to the SaaS deployment.


On-Premises Deployment - A deployment option in which the entire OverOps infrastructure is installed on the customer's site, behind the company Firewall.


Installation key - A unique identifier and a means of encrypting data to limit access to authorized individuals. The encryption format is:`S1234#f123df23r=Bvd#efke=`.


Dashboard - The main screen that shows an overview of the events that occurred in monitored applications.


Automated Root Cause (ARC) - The page that displays single events, including stack frames and variable state values that led to a specific error, as well as the distribution of that error over time.


Event (snapshot) - An event that OverOps captured, displayed on the dashboard and the ARC. OverOps records event information such as: exceptions, log errors / warnings, HTTP errors etc.


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