Customizing Data Collected by OverOps


When taking a snapshot of the variable values in a specific error or exception, OverOps records variable values 10 levels deep into the heap. The recording mechanism is based on a knapsack algorithm that balances the number of values recorded with minimizing the effect the snapshot has on application performance. This mechanism is called 'The Cart', because it collects data until it is full.

The default cart size is designed to fit the needs of average businesses: including rich information on any error and exception, while minimizing the effect on application performance. Cart size can be increased for advanced users that require additional information to be collected by the Agent.

To increase the cart size:

  1. Start the application with the following JVM argument:

Where <recording_depth> refers to the amount of data collected. Accepted values: 0.1 - 4, where 1 represents the default algorithm set by OverOps. The lower the configured value, the less data is collected and better the application performance. For example, -Dtakipi.cart.factor=2 doubles the cart size.

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