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The OverOps Dashboard is the main hub for catching, prioritizing and fixing critical errors in your staging and production application.

The Dashboard comprises three main panes - Events List, Events Chart and Views Pane. The combination of these components allows you to investigate errors that impact your application. Open the event to determine its root cause from the Automated Root Cause page.


The main Dashboard, highlighting the Views Pane (1), Events Chart (2) and Events List (3)


The Events List and Events Chart visualize the events selected within the current Timeframe and View.

Events presented within the Dashboard include Exceptions (caught, uncaught and swallowed), Log Errors and Warnings, HTTP Errors, Timers and custom events. In addition, the Dashboard features a mechanism for examining specific types of errors and applications, and a labeling method for sorting, tracking, and filtering items.


Events List

The Events List uses a grid-like user interface to display a list of all events within the current Timeframe and View.

Learn more about the Events List


Event Chart

This chart interactively visualizes the volume of the events included within the current Timeframe and View.

Learn more about the Events Chart



Views Pane

Views and labels provide a simple yet powerful mechanism to examine specific types of errors and applications.

In addition to the default Dashboard View, you can use the deployment/ops views or create your own custom View.

Learn more about Views


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