There are two scenarios to connect OverOps to Jetty: the Jetty Server can be embedded or the existing Jetty server on which customer application is running.


Embedded Jetty

To connect OverOps to embedded Jetty:

  • Add the following argument to your JVM startup arguments:

Note: the -agentlib is a JVM argument and should be written before the -jar / -cp arguments. For example:

java -Xmx2G -agentlib:TakipiAgent -jar myapp.jar


Standalone Jetty

To connect OverOps to Jetty running on Linux/macOS, follow the instructions of the relevant Jetty launch configuration:

  1. From <JETTY_INSTALL_DIR>/bin/ directory, locate the file used to run Jetty.
  2. Find the following line:
  3. Below this line, add the following:
    JAVA_OPTIONS="-agentlib:TakipiAgent $JAVA_OPTIONS"
  4. Restart Jetty.
  5. Test the installation: From the OverOps web application dashboard, click Add Server and then, from the dialog box, click Next and then click Test Installation.

    When the connection is established, the JVM status is 'Monitoring'.

  6. Test that your application throws exceptions.


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